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Networking Lunch and CLE

June 8, 2017, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Riverside Golf & Country Club
8105 NE 33rd Dr,
Portland, OR 97211
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The Corporate Counsel Section of the Oregon State Bar provides members with networking opportunities, publishes the Corporate Counselor, maintains this website, and develops CLEs of common interest to further knowledge, skills, and abilities of section members.

Executive committee members and officers are elected by the section membership at the annual meeting held at the end of each year. These folks are volunteers and serve you out of a desire to perform public service to the membership. Please thank them for their time and efforts.

Section activities are administered by the executive committee under the general oversight of the Oregon State Bar Board of Governors. Check the calendar for specific dates and times of activities planned in the coming months.

News and Announcements

CLE and Networking Luncheon--The Grass Isnít Always Greener: Learning to Blossom Where You Are Planted.

June 8, 2017

Whether youíve built a long-time career with your organization, or are new to your current role, itís common to experience periods of stress, inertia and disengagement, especially if there isnít an obvious path to promotion. Most of us do not have the benefit of a law firm professional development manager; instead, it is up to us to chart our own career development.

In this interactive session, you will develop strategies to create more energy and engagement in your work. With a renewed sense of vigor, you will be able to serve your corporate client(s) more effectively, enhance your profile in your organization and in the community, and experience more success at work.

One hour of CLE credit has been approved by the Oregon State Bar.

Following the CLE presentation there will be a networking luncheon at 12:30 pm to allow section members and CLE attendees the opportunity to meet and talk in a relaxed manner.

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